Landmark Wrongful Death Cases

When a loved one dies due to someone else’s neglect or wrongdoing, wrongful death cases can assist households seek justice. If you presume that you have a wrongful death case, seeking assistance from a knowledgeable attorney is vital.

Death is an inescapable part of life, and its causes differ extensively. While some deaths occur naturally due to old age, others are the result of avoidable mishaps. When an avoidable death takes place, the law can intervene through a wrongful death claim. Unlike criminal charges, wrongful death cases concentrate on holding the responsible celebration responsible for their actions instead of punishing them as lawbreakers. These cases supply an opportunity for justice to be served and settlement to be acquired for surviving member of the family. In this article, we will explore some popular examples of successful wrongful death cases.


Examining the Ford Motor Company's Controversial Legal Cases: From Wrongful Death to Product Liability

Throughout the 1970s, Ford introduced the Pinto, a budget-friendly automobile that unfortunately had a severe design flaw. Despite being aware of the problem, Ford overlooked to take any action to repair the problem. Ultimately, Ford was discovered guilty in court.


Examining the Tragic Plane Crash that Killed Aaliyah and the Role of Instinct Productions

In late 2001, music and movie artist Aaliyah tragically lost her life in a private chartered aircraft crash shortly after takeoff. The plane was en route to Florida for a new video shoot, carrying Aaliyah and numerous others.

Upon examination, it was exposed that the airplane was overwhelmed with devices to cut logistics costs, and the pilot was not certified to run the airplane. Impulse Productions, the company responsible for arranging the fateful trip, dealt with lawsuits and was discovered responsible for the event.


Analyzing the Controversies Surrounding the Murrieta Valley School District

In 2016, the Murrieta Valley School District arranged an end-of-year occasion for 100 trainees. Upon examination, brand-new evidence emerged revealing that the occurrence was more than an unforeseeable mishap, leading the kid’s family to take legal action versus the school district.

Security monitoring video footage was crucial evidence, exposing that the young boy had actually slipped into the water with lifeguards and other adults present. Shockingly, the kid stayed submerged for over two minutes, and it was only when other students saw that he was lastly retrieved from the water. This event triggered controversy and examination surrounding the Murrieta Valley School District.


Los Angeles County Settles with Family of Cyclist Killed by Distracted Deputy

In 2013, a tragic incident happened in Los Angeles where a 65-year-old attorney lost his life while riding his bike in a bike lane. The reason for his death was due to a lorry that swerved into the bike lane, collided with him, and caused him to strike the windshield of the lorry. The person driving the automobile was a Los Angeles County deputy who was typing something on the automobile computer while driving. Despite the deputy’s apparent distracted driving leading to the death of the attorney, no charges were submitted versus the deputy. Nevertheless, the county settled out of court for over 11 million dollars in a wrongful death suit submitted by the attorney’s household.


The OJ Simpson Case and Wrongful Death Verdict

The wrongful death of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman was one of the most promoted cases in American history. OJ Simpson, Brown’s ex-husband, was implicated of their murders in a criminal trial. He was found not guilty. After the criminal trial, a civil trial was held to figure out if Simpson was liable for the wrongful deaths of the victims. In the civil trial, Simpson was found guilty and was ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages to the victims’ families. Although Simpson was acquitted in the criminal trial, the verdict in the civil trial showed that a jury thought he was accountable for the wrongful deaths of Brown and Goldman. Simpson was later jailed and served time in prison for unrelated charges.